“Friday Night”

Many years ago, I had a gig playing Friday nights at the Loaf & Ladle Restaurant on Water Street in downtown Exeter, NH.

After the first year or so, I decided that I needed some kind of “theme song.”

This is what I came up with and it served me quite well for what turned into almost every Friday night for another two years. 

I finally recorded “Friday Night” in 1995 at Fishtraks Recording Studio in Portsmouth, NH and released it that year on my one-and-only CD: “There Are (Songs To Be Sung).” Accompanying my acoustic guitar and vocals are: Andy Inzenga, bass guitar; Bob Thibodeau, percussion; and Laura Jackson, violin. Jim Tierney handled the recording and mixing duties and mastering was done by Jeff Landrock.

So, seeing as it is Friday night, here is “Friday Night,” the song!

“Friday Night” – words & music by Eric Sinclair

“It’s Friday night and the weekend’s begun!”

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