Theme Music & About

Here is a link to The Official sixstr stories Theme Music – in case you’d like to listen to a little fingerstyle six-string acoustic guitar music before checking out my recent blog posts or exploring the archives!

“Sixstr – The sixstr stories Theme” – composed and performed by Eric Sinclair

And here is About.

“There are songs to be sung, stories to be told…”  I’ve sung the songs, so now and here, I get to tell the stories.

“There are stories from the past, stories from the heart. It’s the stories we tell that tell us apart.”*

I started out singing.

My elementary and middle school years were spent at St. Michael’s, a small Catholic school in Exeter, N.H. I was in a choir that sang every now and then during a mass at St. Michael’s Church. But we also sang in school and my earliest memory of getting any kind of “applause” for my “musical talent” is from then.

I remember sitting at my desk, singing something (sorry – I’ve got no idea as to what) and my teacher, a nun (from the order of the Sister’s of Notre Dame) was walking up and down the aisles putting a plastic-wrapped lollipop into the mouth of the singers who opened their mouths nice and wide as they sang.

I got a lollipop.

From that sweet beginning, this son and only child of a registered nurse & a self-employed collector of wildflowers went on to become: a Beatles’ fan; a record collector; a drummer; a music magazine subscriber; a guitar player; a songwriter; a high school graduate; a college student; a music major; a performing singer/guitarist; a photography student; a yearbook photographer; a student teacher; a boyfriend; a letter writer; a college graduate; an elementary school music teacher; an apartment dweller; a husband; a guitar teacher/independent contractor; a homeowner; an independent music producer; the father of a daughter; the father of a son; a bandmate; a teacher of the history of popular music in America; and now, a blogger.

Ta da!

*If you’d like to hear it, here’s a link to the song containing the quoted lines.

“There Are (Songs To Be Sung)” – words & music, guitar & vocals by Eric Sinclair


One Response to Theme Music & About

  1. Mark Cleveland says:

    The “song” that changed my life was Bach’s “Passion according to St. John” My high school choir in Williamstown MA was invited to sing the Chorales in a performance presented at and by Williams College. I was so overwhelmed by the experience I began to explore classical choral repertoire and began listening to the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts Saturday afternoons on the radio.

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