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Here is a link to The Official sixstr stories Theme Music – in case you’d like to listen to a little fingerstyle six-string acoustic guitar music before checking out my recent blog posts or exploring the archives!

“Sixstr – The sixstr stories Theme” – composed and performed by Eric Sinclair

And here is About.

“There are songs to be sung, stories to be told…”  I’ve sung the songs, so now and here, I get to tell the stories.

“There are stories from the past, stories from the heart. It’s the stories we tell that tell us apart.”*

I started out singing.

My elementary and middle school years were spent at St. Michael’s, a small Catholic school in Exeter, N.H. I was in a choir that sang every now and then during a mass at St. Michael’s Church. But we also sang in school and my earliest memory of getting any kind of “applause” for my “musical talent” is from then.

I remember sitting at my desk, singing something (sorry – I’ve got no idea as to what) and my teacher, a nun (from the order of the Sister’s of Notre Dame) was walking up and down the aisles putting a plastic-wrapped lollipop into the mouth of the singers who opened their mouths nice and wide as they sang.

I got a lollipop.

From that sweet beginning, this son and only child of a registered nurse & a self-employed collector of wildflowers went on to become: a Beatles’ fan; a record collector; a drummer; a music magazine subscriber; a guitar player; a songwriter; a high school graduate; a college student; a music major; a performing singer/guitarist; a photography student; a yearbook photographer; a student teacher; a boyfriend; a letter writer; a college graduate; an elementary school music teacher; an apartment dweller; a husband; a guitar teacher/independent contractor; a homeowner; an independent music producer; the father of a daughter; the father of a son; a bandmate; a teacher of the history of popular music in America; and now, a blogger.

Ta da!

*If you’d like to hear it, here’s a link to the song containing the quoted lines.

“There Are (Songs To Be Sung)” – words & music, guitar & vocals by Eric Sinclair


7 Responses to Theme Music & About

  1. Mark Cleveland says:

    The “song” that changed my life was Bach’s “Passion according to St. John” My high school choir in Williamstown MA was invited to sing the Chorales in a performance presented at and by Williams College. I was so overwhelmed by the experience I began to explore classical choral repertoire and began listening to the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts Saturday afternoons on the radio.

  2. johnhassell says:


    I was fortunate enough to take guitar lessons from you during high school — a very long time ago. I was not a good music student. But the fun of playing — and especially the fun of watching you perform at the Loaf and Ladle — stuck with me, and I recently started playing again, this time just for the joy of it, along with my 12-year-old son. We’re having a blast.

    So I wanted to thank you for putting up with such a mediocre student back in the day, and let you know that what I learned from you then is making a difference today. Took me a while but, hey, it’s a journey, right?

    I also wanted to ask if you have posted any recordings of your cover of “Fuji Blues,” which I still hum to myself and which I’ve never heard anyone but you play live. I found one version on Spotify performed by Joe Uveges, but it ain’t the same.

    All the best,
    John Hassell (Class of ’87)

    • efsinclair says:

      Thank you so much for writing, John. I’m so glad that playing the guitar has made its way back into your life. How very cool to be making music with your son! Have fun!

  3. Kathryn Klem says:

    Hi Eric, I have always loved the easy-going, fun music that you’ve played over the years plus your real, down to earth, insightful lyrics that ever make me smile. Thank you for sharing your music…it happily catches the souls of those of us as we are listening. (And can’t resist singing along) 😊

    • efsinclair says:

      Hey, Kathe! Thanks for writing! In case you haven’t discovered this already, the “EFS Music” category is where links to all of my posts containing recordings of my music are gathered. There are original songs and acoustic guitar instrumentals among the many posts. Hope you check some of them out and, of course, that you sing along!

      • Kathryn Klem says:

        Thanks for letting me know about the music links within, Eric. One of my favorites is (You’re) “The reason I’m here”… just sang along with that one. Looking forward to enjoying more. 😊🎼

  4. efsinclair says:

    Your welcome, Kathe! That’s one of my old favorites, too. Hope you find many songs to be sung (along with)!

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