One Guitar, Fingerpicked

To sit in a room and listen to a good player fingerpick an acoustic guitar is a most enjoyable experience.

When there are another 9,000 or so other people in that room with you and the person fingerpicking the one acoustic guitar is James Taylor, that is magic.

I have recently had the great pleasure and privilege of attending a local show of the Carole King/James Taylor Troubadour Reunion Tour 2010. In an evening of highlight after highlight, the moments that struck me the most were those times when the only sound in the silenced arena was the sound of James Taylor fingerpicking his acoustic guitar.

Be it the intro to “Blossom,” “Country Road,” “Fire and Rain” or “Mexico,” the sound of that one guitar filled the cavernous space and told us all we needed to know. The solo guitar break in “Shower The People” took over from an eight-piece band and the music did not sound empty. And when that one guitar, fingerpicked, accompanied the voices of James Taylor and Carole King singing harmony on “You Can Close Your Eyes,” well, that was heavenly, musical perfection.

To sit in a room and listen to a good player fingerpick an acoustic guitar is a most enjoyable experience indeed.

If you’ve had a similar experience that you’d like to write about and share, I’d love to hear from you. Just click on “leave a comment” below and write away!

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1 Response to One Guitar, Fingerpicked

  1. Tom Savage says:

    I’ve always been envious of all musicians who have mastered the art of fingerpicking. Being a lefty who learned guitar “righty”, it’s no wonder that I never was able to master the instrument at all, never mind fingerpicking….

    I had the pleasure of seeing the Assad Brothers play at the Huntington Theater a couple of years ago. Simply magical….

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