Many Thanks, Again

As of yesterday, August 13, 2010, the total number of visitors to this blog since I said “Hello, world!” on April 18, 2010, crossed the 2000 mark.

I send my many thanks to all of you who have visited, read, listened and commented over the nearly four months that I’ve been on this journey. My sincerest hope is that you have enjoyed what you’ve found here as much as I have enjoyed researching, pondering, writing and presenting it all to you.

On the original “about” page, I quoted a song of mine, hoping to set the theme of my intentions for this blog. Here now, on this occasion, is the song.

“There Are (Songs To Be Sung)” words & music, guitar & vocals by efsinclair (with: the Amity Singers)

Click on the link above to listen and, I hope, enjoy.

So, here’s to the months ahead. More posts, more music and more visits by all of you. Keep those cards and letters coming and do, please, feel free to bring your friends!

Again, many thanks. Talk to you soon.

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3 Responses to Many Thanks, Again

  1. Jim Girard says:

    Thank YOU, Eric, for the always interesting posts. Keep up the good work. Its always fun going down Memory Lane, or learning a most interesting tidbit of musical trivia. It seems that the old always influences the new, and all music is somehow always tied together. Nice job.

  2. sinclakr says:

    congrats on the milestone, dad! great work 🙂

  3. Nik Bergill says:

    Good thing I have this to help me cover a Mr. Sinclair orignial!

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