On This Day In Music History: ??

OK, readers, here’s another quiz for you.

What drummer played his first gig with his new, already-pretty-popular rock & roll band at Hulme Hall, in Port Sunlight, Birkenhead, England on this day, August 18, a Saturday, in 1962?

Bonus question: can you also name the band?

Have fun! To answer, leave a comment.

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2 Responses to On This Day In Music History: ??

  1. ADS says:

    Ringo Starr of course.
    Bonus: The Beatles. Well, duh.
    (poor Pete….)

  2. PAX TECUM says:

    Better late than never……Ringo Starr of the Beatles…I can claim no personal knowledge since I just Googled it but it is fun and intereting.

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