Sunday Morning

It’s been some time since I did a post with music. So, seeing as I know of no historic event in music that took place on this day, here is a bit of music for your listening pleasure.

Click on the link below.

“Sunday Morning” by Eric Sinclair

This is a fingerpicked, acoustic guitar instrumental that first came to life on a Sunday morning back around 2002. I originally played it on a 12-string guitar, but my love/hate relationship with that instrument soon had me hearing it and playing it better on the 6-string. If you’ve heard me play live anytime since then, you probably heard this piece. The recording  was done on my home analog equipment in 2007.

So, whether it is Sunday morning while you are reading this and listening to the track or not, I hope you enjoy this musical interlude here on sixstr stories.

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3 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Jonathan Gray says:

    I logged in because I was sure what you were going to post about this week, and was surprised that you had no significant event to mention. On October 23rd 1959, one of my musical heroes was born. Alfred Matthew, better known as “Weird AL” Yankovic is now 51. Happy birthday Al.

    On another note, thank you very much for sharing a piece of your own music.

  2. Jim Girard says:

    Just what I needed on a Sunday morning in the Fall. Thanks for the interlude…and while you’re sharing, a little slide guitar sure would sound nice… (hint hint)

  3. TPS says:

    Beautiful…. Hey, if you wanna give the 12 string another try, I’ve got an old Aria I can sell you…. 😉

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