Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader. I hope this finds you well and enjoying this day.

If I may, here is a bit of music for your holiday.

“Thanksgiving Eve” by Bob Franke.

The story, as I know it, is that at one time in his early days, it was Bob’s tradition to spend Thanksgiving at the home of a fellow Folk musician with a large group of like-minded folks gathering for the day’s festivities. Each musician would prepare and/or create a piece/song to share with the group after the big meal. Bob wrote this song for one of those Thanksgivings.

I first heard the song in a live recording of Bob that was released on a sampler by Rounder Records. Years later, Bob added a third verse and published it with a lead sheet to the song in an issue of Sing Out magazine. I’ve performed the song many times over the years, and not just at Thanksgiving. It is much more than my favorite Thanksgiving song.

If you’ve got a few minutes, here is a link to a youtube clip of Garnet Rogers doing the song.



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