Dancing In The Kitchen

It was Sunday evening, a bit after seven o’clock. Late for us to be having supper.

We’d had a long, mid-afternoon lunch with some old friends who now live on Cape Cod and were passing through town on their way up to Maine.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, still eating. She was done and standing at the counter, across the room. The radio was on low, in the background. As one song ended and the next one started up, I recognized the new tune instantly: “The Fever” by Bruce Springsteen.

The unmistakable long, slow, rumbling, smokey intro: drums, piano, bass guitar, organ and finally Bruce’s voice: “All right…”  and then the first verse: “When I get home from my job…” Seven minutes and thirty-nine seconds of pure bliss.

That song is 1975: my first job, my downtown-Exeter-Water St. apartment. Her and I, way before… everything else. WBCN-FM in Boston had a tape, an outtake from a Springsteen recording session, an exclusive, and they played it often.

I immediately got up from the table, went to the stereo in the living room and turned up the volume. I came back into the kitchen, tapped her on the shoulder and held out my hand.

Life imitated art.

Back in 1992, in the same kitchen, life inspired art. I made the recording with Andy and Bob in 1995.

“Dancing In The Kitchen” by Eric Sinclair

Hope you enjoy it.

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1 Response to Dancing In The Kitchen

  1. Jonathan Gray says:

    Dancing in the kitchen – Loved it! Such a simple song, but it brings up such vivid images that aren’t even part of the lyrics. The song has a familiar quality to it that makes me feel like I knew it before I heard it. But… what the heck is “the pony”?

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