Hey There! Remember Me?

From the end of January, through February, up to now, things have been kind of crazy.

Teaching, life, snow = crazy.

So many Historic Days In Music have gone by in the past five weeks without my having commemorated them, that… well, I feel bad, but it’s not ’cause I’ve been slackin’ off.

I do, however, have a list of what I missed.

Birthdays: 1/25/1938 – Blues singer Etta James; 2/8/1899 – Blues guitarist Lonnie Johnson; two incredible singer/songwriter/pianists: 2/9/1942 – Carole King & 2/21/1933 – Nina Simone; 2/25/1943 – George Harrison.

Events: 2/3/1959 – The Day The Music Died (Buddy Holly, Clearlake, Iowa); 2/9/1964 – The Beatles’ American debut on the Ed Sullivan Show (I still don’t understand why they did “Till There Was You” as their second song!?); 2/11/1964 – The Beatles at Washington Colliseum, Washington, D.C.; 2/25/1848: Stephen Foster’s “Oh! Susanna” published; 2/26/1917: “Livery Stable Blues” as recorded by the Original Dixieland Jass Band = the first Jazz record.

That’s quite the list. (“Wait’ll next year!”)

I’ll try to do better in the days ahead.

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3 Responses to Hey There! Remember Me?

  1. Pax Tecum says:

    “Livery Stable Blues” as recorded by the Original Dixieland Jass Band = the first Jazz record.

    SO, where/how can I hear it(?)

  2. Pax Tecum says:

    I was finally able to hear the original recording of, “Livery Stable Blues”, on Widepidia. I is Great.

  3. tom says:

    dont forget the biggest historical event from this time period –

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