sixstr stories: The First Year

Today, April 18, 2011, is the first birthday of this blog.

Thanks to my amazing daughter and her familiarity with WordPress, sixstr stories came to life as I sat next to her on her couch in her Somerville, MA apartment. I watched in awe as she casually zipped through the whole registration/pick-a-password/”What do you want to call it, Dad?” process on her laptop until she said: “There you go. You’ve got a blog!”

Since then, I’ve written 86 posts (many with a link to an audio track), received 116 comments and tallied 4,427 views. My busiest day was May 18, 2010 with 84 views.

The whole experience has been fantastic. The process of researching and then writing about this wonderful world of music that is such a big part of my life and then sending it out onto the world wide web for all of you to read (and listen to) has been more challenging, rewarding and fun than I’d ever imagined it would be. Though I must say, I don’t know what I was imagining when I told my daughter: “I’m thinking about starting a blog.”

I do know that the rewards and the fun have been because of all of the comments, feedback and responses I’ve gotten from all of you, my readers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, here I go.

My motto – “Good music doesn’t get old” – remains the same as I step into the second year.

I look forward to your good company as I continue this journey.

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2 Responses to sixstr stories: The First Year

  1. Jim Girard says:

    Its been an interesting journey, Eric. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. You’ve taken us on the “road less traveled”. Good posts, great music, and many side trips down memory lane. Thanks for the ride.

  2. TPS says:

    I enthusiastically echo Jim’s words. I’ve learned a lot, heard a lot of interesting tracks and look forward to each and every post. Be sure that we, the readers, enjoy it as much as you do in creating it….

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