33 Years

Late in the afternoon

Of Saturday, August 12, 1978,

In the sanctuary of the First Congregational Church of Park Ridge, NJ,

The Reverend Herbert B. Yeager officiating,

In front of family and friends,

I sang this song

To my bride.

“Tell You Very Simply (Wedding Song)” words, music, guitar & vocal by Eric Sinclair

Happy Anniversary to Us.

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2 Responses to 33 Years

  1. JEdward Gray says:

    Amazing! Wow than you for sharing something so personal and so great!

    I had a get together at my house earlier this year. I had my computer shuffling my top rated songs and one of yours “There are songs to be sung” played and was very well received. It is one of my favorite songs of all time, but several of my guests mentioned how much they liked the song.

    Don’t forget that I’m a fan and next time I bump into you at church I’d love one of the CD’s we talked about a while ago!


  2. TPS says:

    Congratulations to you both! I’m happy that your committment to each other so long ago has stood the test of time.

    Best wishes always,

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