Probably More Of An End of Winter Song, But…

I was sitting at my kitchen table, eating breakfast.

The TV was on, tuned to a Boston station, and I was half-watching/half-listening to the morning news.

The newscaster breathlessly announced a “Commuter Alert!!!”

There was a major traffic jam on the southeast expressway, caused by a large pothole.

The pothole causing all the problems measured in at six feet wide and two feet deep.

There were several, possibly as many as nineteen cars broken down in the vicinity of this pothole.

“That’s not a pothole,” I thought. “That’s a song!”

Thus was born: “Pothole Blues” words & music by Eric Sinclair

Performing on this recording are: Andy Inzenga, bass guitar; Bob Thibodeau, percussion; Dave Johnson, Mary Garrett, Tom Sinclair, Kristin Sinclair and Andrea Sinclair (The Potholers): backing vocals; Eric Sinclair: lead vocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica.

Recorded in 1995 by Jim Tierney at Fishtraks Recording Studios, Portsmouth, NH.

From the EFS Music CD: “There Are (Songs To Be Sung)” by Eric Sinclair


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