Two Years

Today, April 18, 2012, sixstr stories turns two years old.

In looking back over those two years as documented on the “site stats” page that WordPress provides, I found some interesting information.

(Well, to me, it’s fascinating. I hope you find it “interesting.”)

This blog has been viewed a grand total of 7,263 times.

The vast majority of those views originated in the USA, but viewers in 40 different countries from around the globe have visited this blog as well.

Sixstr stories has 8 “followers.”

The archives of this blog contains 137 posts.

Those 137 posts are divided into five categories. Posts with titles that start with “On This Day In Music History” and “This Historic Day In Music” make up the largest category with a combined total of 66 posts.

16 posts have links to a music video (or two) and 30 posts have links to an audio track. The vast majority of those audio tracks contain original music that is only available on this blog. (If you know otherwise, please let me know!)

Those 137 posts have received 179 approved comments (and been protected from 1,668 nasty spam comments.)

All of that in 2 years.

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting next to my daughter on the couch in her apartment, watching in amazement as she opened her laptop, went to and signed me up for my very own blog.

So, thank you again to my daughter and special thanks to my wife for her support, encouragement and mad copy-editing/proof-reading skills.

To all of you: my viewers, followers, comment-leavers, readers and listeners – a multitude of thanks. Your time, attention and participation are most appreciated.

Two years.

Time does indeed fly when you’re having fun, especially when you’re having as much fun as I’ve been having with sixstr stories.

“Good music doesn’t get old.”

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1 Response to Two Years

  1. kizzbeth says:

    Happy Blogiversary, as we say!

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