This Historic Day In Music: “Maybellene”

On May 21, 1955, Chuck Berry recorded his song “Maybellene” in the Chicago, Illinois studio of Chess Records.

On May 21, 2010, I wrote and published my first post filled with all the details of this momentous musical event. I hope that you’ll dig into the archives and check it out.

What you won’t find in that post, however, is a way to listen to this classic song.

You can do that from this post.

“Maybellene” was released by Chess Records in July of 1955 as the “A side” of a 7-inch, 45-rpm record (a “single”) with the song, “Wee Wee Hours” on the “B side.” It reached #1 on the Billboard “Rhythm & Blues” chart by August.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I can also share with you this video of Chuck Berry performing “Maybellene” live on a French TV show. This was recorded in 1955, 1958 or 1963, depending on which video and/or comment you believe.

As my son used to say: “Wait for it…”

Well, what did you think of that?

“Maybellene” – 57 years young.

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1 Response to This Historic Day In Music: “Maybellene”

  1. TPS says:

    That was fabulous. An iconic artist and song of the original rock ‘n roll era. Thank goodness for Chess Records to have the vision, and the balls, to sign and record the artists in their catalog.
    And, at 85 years old, the man still plays regularly at Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room in St. Louis and will be playing at the Howard Theater in DC on May 28.

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