This Historic Day In Music: Mississippi John Hurt

This is my third post celebrating the anniversary of the birthday of Mississippi John Hurt.

Last year, in my post of July 3, 2011, I included a link to a video of John playing and singing “You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley.” However, in going back to that post myself, I discovered that the video has been removed and the link disconnected.

So, I’m going to try again and post a second video link as well.

In my mind, one can’t get too much of the wonderful music of Mississippi John Hurt.

There you go: a double dose of some of the best fingerpicking guitar playing you’ll ever hear. I hope you enjoyed it.

Mississippi John Hurt was born on July 3, 1893 in Teoc, Mississippi. For a detailed account of his life, recording history and near-miraculous rediscovery in 1963, please check out my archived post of July 3, 2010.

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