This Historic Day In Music: August 22, 1962, The Cavern Club, 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool, England

It was a lunchtime session, four days after Ringo officially became a Beatle.

Granada Televison, based in Manchester, England, sent a camera crew to the popular music spot appropriately called The Cavern Club to film a live performance of The Beatles for a program called Know The North.

The Beatles played and sang two songs for the cameras: “Some Other Guy” and “Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!” Only the film of “Some Other Guy” was deemed to be suitable for broadcast and that didn’t happen until November 6, 1963 on the Granada Show Scene At 6:30.

“Some Other Guy” was originally recorded in 1962 by American singer Richie Barrett and co-written by Barrett with Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller.

Just for the record, in the film you’re about to watch (I hope), George, starting on the left, is 19 years old; Paul is 20; Ringo is 22; and John, on the right, is 21.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my good friend and former bandmate, Les Harris, Jr., who turned me on to this song and with whom I shared lead vocals when our band, Merseyside, would rock out on “Some Other Guy” a long, long time ago.

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