A Song For My Daughter’s Wedding

Late in the afternoon of Saturday, September 29, under cloudy but miraculously rain-free skies, with about 140 of their dearest friends and family members in attendance, my daughter Kristin and Andrew Robertson were wed.

That evening, at the brilliantly conceived, magical and exuberantly joyous reception, I played and sang this song to the bride and groom and their guests.

“The Embrace of Love” – Guitar & Vocals, Words & Music by Eric Sinclair

Click on the blue link above to hear the song. (Wait for it!)

I wrote the song for Kristin and Andy not long after they announced their engagement. Only the mother of the bride had heard the song before the reception. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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1 Response to A Song For My Daughter’s Wedding

  1. sinclakr says:

    such a special part of the evening 🙂 so many thanks, dad.
    🙂 kristin (& andy!)

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