This Historic Day… My Daughter’s Wedding

The music for my daughter’s wedding was as thoughtfully considered, carefully selected and perfectly realized as every other facet of that unforgettable and dazzling day-long event was.

First there were the Beatles’ songs – exceptionally rendered on electric piano by my good friend Andy Inzenga – that served as the prelude, processional and recessional of the late afternoon, outdoor wedding ceremony. Then there were the countless Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, Motown and Rock & Roll classics – served up by the truly outstanding (and highly recommended) Cambridge, Massachusettes-based, seven-piece band -“The Chicken Slacks” – that made the evening’s wedding reception the most joyous and exuberant  dance party of the year. 

For the father/daughter dance, Kristin and I made a rather unusual (no big surprise) choice: “Swinging On A Star.”

This song was high on the hit parade in the Sinclair household during my children’s formative years. So when the idea to use this Johnny Burke & James Van Heusen song for our dance came to me, and I suggested it to Kristin, she instantly agreed.

In honor and celebration of the 1st anniversary of Kristin & Andy’s wedding – and wishing that on this September 29 I could again have a dance with my daughter – I present to you Mr. Bing Crosby singing “Swinging On A Star.”

P.S.: If you’d like to hear the song that I wrote for and sang to the bride and groom at the wedding reception, go into the blog archives for October 2012, find the post “Song For My Daughter’s Wedding” and click on the blue link to “The Embrace of Love.” (Wait for it!)

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