“Father’s Day”

Eight different musicians/groups have each written and recorded a song called “Father’s Day.”

Rap artist Father M.C. did in 1990 and Hip Hop duo Method Man & Redman did in 1999.

Americana duo Barry & Michelle Patterson did in 2001 and Englishman Frank Turner did in 2007. (Frank Turner is great!)

Portland, Oregon’s Michael Dean Damron did in 2009 and the Waukesha, Wisconsin Rock band, BoDeans did in 2011.

New York rapper Chino XL did in 2012 and the Boston-based Metalcore band ICE NINE KILLS did in 2013.

(That’s some playlist.)

Two entire albums are titled Father’s Day: one by The Starlite Singers, a group of Canadian studio musicians, and one by Michael Dean Damron. Both were released in 2009.

By the way: July 17, 2015 is the release date for the new album by Blues electric guitarist Ronnie Earl and his band The Broadcasters. The album will be titled Father’s Day. (Ronnie Earl is an outstanding guitarist!)

There is an instrumental piece for piano and orchestra called “Father’s Day” composed by Murray Gold. It is part of the 2007 Original TV Soundtrack for the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who.

There are two books titled “Father’s Day.” Bill McCoy published his in 1995 and Buzz Bissinger’s came out in 2012.

At least twelve television series have had episodes titled “Father’s Day.” Among them are The Fosters, Shameless, Children’s Hospital, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal co-starred in a 1997 movie called “Fathers’ Day” (the position of the apostrophe is correct) and Father’s Day is the title of a 2012 package of the early films by the Japanese director Sion Sono.

But, to the best of my knowledge, “Father’s Day” has never been the title of a solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumental piece… until now.

Here it is!

“Father’s Day” – Composed & Performed by Eric Sinclair

(To listen, click on the blue link and wait for it…)

On this day, as I celebrate my 34th Father’s Day, I dedicate this post and extend my best wishes to all the fathers among the followers, readers and viewers of sixstr stories. 

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  1. Thom Hickey says:

    Lovely! You might enjoy the current Fathers Day post on The Immortal Jukebox (featuring Paul Simon and John Gorka). Regards Thom.

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