Long before I started writing this blog, I wrote songs.

Love songs, story songs, list songs, silly songs, songs about songs, songs without words, songs drawn from the day-to-day of my life.

Thirty of those songs – including tracks from my two self-produced albums: Anytime and (There Are) Songs To Be Sung – can be heard via links embedded into posts here on sixstr stories. Those posts are gathered and easily accessible under the category EFS Music.

These days, however, it seems that my songwriting muse needs a very special occasion to send me a new song. My daughter’s wedding was one of those occasions. (“The Embrace of Love” – posted on October 8, 2012.) My sixtieth birthday was another.

“Best Walked (Life’s A Road)” is one of those songs that I’d finished, but something about it didn’t feel finished. I’d play it, leave it for awhile (another birthday passes), go back to it, tweak the guitar part… almost, but not quite.

A little re-writing of the second verse helped, but the “big” problem was with the segue from the second chorus into the bridge. It went: “Life’s a road that winds through time and tradition…” and as much as I liked the line, every time I sang it, “winds” sounded like “whines.” Then, a few weeks ago, as yet another birthday approached, my muse tapped me on the shoulder on my way to work and the troublesome line became: “Life’s a highway winding through…”

Yes. That did the trick. (Thank you, thank you!)

So, now that it’s done, here’s my “new” song.

(To hear the recording, click on the blue link below and… wait for it!)

“Best Walked (Life’s A Road)” – Words & Music, Guitar & Vocals by Eric Sinclair

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