This Historic Day In Music: Ivan Vaughan Changed The World

Here’s how.

Ivan Vaughan was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England.

Ivan attended the Dovedale Primary School where one of his friends was an older boy named John Lennon.

After primary school, Ivan went to the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys. (John had gone to the Quarry Bank High School.)

At the Institute, Ivan became friends with Paul McCartney, a musically talented boy who happened to have the same birthday as Ivan.

John, meanwhile, had learned to play the guitar and, in November of 1956, decided to form a skiffle group with some of his friends from Quarry Bank and Dovedale. The group, known as The Quarry Men, featured John on guitar and vocals and Ivan, briefly, on tea chest bass.

By the spring of 1957, The Quarry Men – John Lennon, guitar & vocals; Eric Griffiths, guitar; Rod Davis, banjo; Len Garry, tea chest bass; Pete Shotton, washboard & vocals; and Colin Hanton, drums – began performing at parties, school dances and community events around Liverpool. Ivan often went to hear them play.

On Saturday, July 6, 1957, The Quarry Men were scheduled to play 2, 1/2 hour sets (the first at 4:15 pm and then again at 5:45 pm) at the St. Peter’s Parish Church Garden Fete in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool, England.

Ivan invited Paul to the Fete to hear the group. (Paul did not have a group.)

Paul, riding his bicycle, arrived at the Fete about half-way through the Quarry Men’s first set.

Paul watched and listened intently. He was especially impressed with John.

When the Fete was over, at a little before 7:00 pm, in the nearby St. Peter’s Church Hall, Ivan Vaughan introduced Paul McCartney to John Lennon.

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  1. Chuck says:

    So clear I can picture the scene.

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