(Going, Goin’) Home (Coming, Again)

I was born in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Over the course of the sixty-something years since, I’ve lived in a handful of locations around the Granite State. Besides Exeter, I’ve taken up residence in North Conway, Raymond, Dover and Hampton Beach.

Well, my wife and I recently joined the ranks of down-sizing baby boomers and, since the end of December, I am once more living in Exeter.

No small accomplishment. Therefore, this post.

There were many contenders for a recording to accompany this missive. Among them were:

“Goin’ Home” – the 11-minute-plus track by The Rolling Stones from the album, Aftermath (1966);

“I’m Going Home” – as performed by Ten Years After at the famous Woodstock Music & Art Fair in August, 1969 and included in the 1970 documentary film of that event;

“Home Again” – by Carole King and part of her 1971 album Tapestry;

and “Homecoming” – by Josh Ritter, from Sermon On The Rocks, his 2015 album.

I also thought of:

“Homeward Bound” – by Paul Simon and released in 1966 on Simon & Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme album and “My Hometown” – by Bruce Springsteen from his 1984 album Born In The USA.

But the piece that musically best fit the bill was (drum roll, please…):

“Going Home (Theme of Local Hero)” by Mark Knopfler.

To me, “Going Home” sounds like moving; from the initial idea to the unpacking of the last box, all in 5 gorgeous minutes of music.

Listen for yourself. (Headphones recommended.)



The inimitable and brilliant Mark Knopfler plays the acoustic and electric guitar on that track; Michael Brecker is the saxophonist; Alan Clark covers the various keyboard duties; Tony Levin plays bass and Terry Williams is the drummer.

“Going Home” is the theme music of Local Hero, a charming British film, written and directed by Bill Forsyth in 1983.

All of the music for Local Hero was created and performed by Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Mark Knopfler. (Knopfler was, at the time, internationally well known as the leader of the very popular British rock band, Dire Straits.) The music from the film was released in March, 1983, on an album also called Local Hero. (Highly recommended!)

And yes, Carole King, it is very nice to be home again.

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