A Belated Birthday Celebration

The Library of Congress was established on April 24, 1800.

On that day, “President John Adams signed an act of Congress providing for the transfer of the seat of government from Philadelphia to the new capital city of Washington. Part of the legislation appropriated $5,000 ‘for the purchase of such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress… and for fitting up a suitable apartment for containing them.’ Books were ordered from London, and the collection consisted of 740 books and 3 maps which were housed in the new United States Capitol.” (Wikipedia)

The Library of Congress today consists of three buildings on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and one in Culpeper, Virginia.

The Thomas Jefferson Building, located on First Street SE in Washington, D.C., is the main building of The Library and my favorite place in the city. Construction of the Jefferson Building began in 1890 and was first opened to the public in 1897.

Here are a few photos from some of my visits to the Jefferson Building over the years.


Happy 218th Birthday, Library of Congress!

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