“November 7”

Here’s one for my son and all of the fingerstyle-acoustic-guitar-loving, guitar-picking, tablature-reading viewers/readers/followers of this blog out there.

November 7 is my son’s birthday.

In 2010, I celebrated his birthday here on sixstr stories with a “This Historic Day…” post. That post included a link to a recording of a fingerstyle acoustic guitar piece that I wrote for him called “November 7.”

Recently, I had a bit of free time and decided to transcribe “November 7” and maybe do another celebratory post in honor of my son’s birthday.

So… here it is.

“November 7″… the recording.


“November 7″… the transcription.


Happy Birthday, my son. May your day be filled with joy, delicious cake (with candles!) and all sorts of wonderful music.

T.C., H.F., E.W., D.T.A.W.N. and M.M.L., Dad.

P.S.: If you guitar-pickers/tablature-readers would like to check out some of my other guitar TAB transcriptions, go to the Guitar Music category and browse around!

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