“February 8th”

To my dear daughter,

Over the past ten years – along with cards and presents, video chats and phone calls – your birthday has been celebrated and commemorated twice here on sixstr stories.

Each time included a song: “Birthday” by The Beatles in 2014 and “My Daughter’s Eyes” (a song of mine) in 2012.

This year it seemed like it was about time to “present” you with the instrumental that I wrote almost half of your lifetime ago and titled in honor of the day of your birth.

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Birthday!

T.C., H.F., E.W., D.T.A.W.N. & M.M.L.


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7 Responses to “February 8th”

  1. ADS says:

    A very sweet and loving birthday tune. Thank you for sharing…although nothing can beat “My Daughter’s Eyes.” A family classic.

  2. Kathryn Klem says:

    What a beautifully heartwarming instrumental! Loved listening to this…thank you for sharing it. 💕

  3. Kathryn Klem says:

    Really enjoyed this instrumental, and would love to hear “My Daughter’s Eyes”…..

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