“Waltz: My Home”

“Waltz: My Home” is a fiddle tune.

I found it here: The Second Fiddler’s Tune-Book – 100 More Traditional Airs. This small gold mine of music was edited by Peter Kennedy and published in 1954 by Hargail Music Press and The English Folk Dance And Song Society.

I don’t recall when I purchased my copy, but – according to the markings on the title page –  I did so for $3.50 at The Music Emporium in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Waltz: My Home” appears among the hornpipes, reels, schottisches and polkas on the first page of the section titled: “Waltzes & Jigs.”

In arranging this lovely tune for the guitar, I found that the notes fit my fingers better in the Key of G than the published Key of A. Putting a capo at the second fret, of course, returns the lower pitches to the “proper” key.

Give a listen.

For all the times I’ve played “Waltz: My Home,” it never fails to bring me comfort, peacefulness and joy.

Just like being home.


P.S.: It was the marvelous recordings of Doc Watson and Eric Schoenberg that introduced me to the wonders and fun of playing fiddle tunes on the guitar.

P.S.S.: That recording came from a Sony Metal-SR cassette tape dated 8/28/02. “Waltz: My Home” is the third track among nine instrumentals that I recorded that day. (A most successful recording session, if I do say so myself!)


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6 Responses to “Waltz: My Home”

  1. Michael Mitchell says:

    I love that Eric! It brought me much joy to hear the tune. I played it myself! Do you have a copy of the arrangement?

  2. Chuck Rhoades says:


  3. George Chue says:

    I have a friend who is quite an good guitarist now rehabbing from arthritis in her hands who loves this tune but can’t quite remember it’s title. I’m guessing it’s this one since she mentioned E. Schoenberg as collaborator. Any way to send it to her face book feed?

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