Light Amidst Dark – “Six Feet Apart”

My son turned me on to this song by Luke Combs in August.

He asked if I could teach him how to play it and, over the course of a couple of Sunday afternoon FaceTime guitar lessons, I did.

“Six Feet Apart” was written – two verses and a chorus – by Luke Combs, Brent Cobb and Robert Snyder on April 14, 2020. Their songwriting session had been scheduled before the start of the pandemic.

Luke debuted the song during a live-stream at-home performance on April 15.

Give a listen.


Talk about hot off the presses!

Luke, Brent and Robert captured so much of what so many of us have been feeling for all these months in a perfectly charming package of melody, lyrics and harmony. And Luke’s no-frills performance delivers the goods with warmth, sincerity and soul.

My favorite line comes at the end of the second verse. I’m pretty sure that, even after “this thing” is over, I will also still “probably over-wash my hands.”

Luke Combs released a full-band rendition of “Six Feet Apart”- recorded in a studio with everyone wearing masks and sitting in separate rooms – on May 1, 2020.

P.S.: If you want to try playing “Six Feet Apart” for yourself (as I’ve been doing)…

  • Hint #1: That sweet Gibson acoustic Luke’s playing is tuned down one half-step.
  • Hint #2: Fingering chords in the Key of G, Luke never uses a regular D major chord.

P.S.S.: Thanks, Tom.

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