“Hints Taken (8+4)”

The first “hint” came to me in a dream.

Sometime in the wee hours of Thursday, March 5, 2021, I had a dream in which I was playing the guitar; slide guitar, actually.

When I awoke, the tune I’d been playing was still in my head. “Nice,” I thought. But work beckoned.

The next morning, the same tune stirred me awake before my alarm did. Hint hint.

“Work can wait.”

I picked up my trusty Tele, found the notes on the fingerboard and captured a quick recording on my phone.

Untitled – 3/5/2021

The following Friday – March 12 – I decided that my new (now harmonized) 8-bar composition needed a “B section.” Inspiration struck just as I was heading to bed and an initial 4-bar creation came to somewhat drowsy life on my guitar.

Many more stolen moments of crafting, refining and practicing later, my new Acoustic Guitar Instrumental got a title and a proper recording with my D28.

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you…

“Hints Taken (8+4)”

“Hints Taken (8+4)”

I hope you enjoyed that.

Finally, for all of you guitar players out there, here’s a transcription.

P.S.: Happy 11th Birthday, sixstrstories!

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