A Guitar Music Double Header – The Night Game

As previously reported, I recently had the chance to do transcriptions of two of my older acoustic guitar instrumentals; pieces I have posted recordings of in the past.

Now coming to the plate: “Home Alone.”

On March 30, 2014, I wrote this about “Home Alone”:

So, here’s a guitar instrumental that I came up with a few years back, inspired by the music and playing of Elizabeth Cotten, Doc Watson and John Fahey.

I called the piece “Home Alone” because I had the house to myself on the afternoon that I created it. I recorded it on a Sony cassette tape deck in my “home studio” on November 9, 2008.

Here (again) is that recording…

“Home Alone” – Written & Performed by: Eric Sinclair

…and here’s the brand new guitar tablature transcription.

There you go! Once more, I hope that all of you fingerpickers out there have fun with this transcription and the one for “Sunday Morning.”

JTLYK: The “Guitar Music” category here on sixstr stories is home to many recordings and hand-written guitar tablature transcriptions of my guitar instrumentals, original and otherwise.

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2 Responses to A Guitar Music Double Header – The Night Game

  1. Michael Mitchell says:

    I look forward to playing these Eric!

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