“Christmas In The Trenches”

“Christmas In The Trenches” is a song by John McCutcheon.

It is the fictionalized but masterfully rendered telling of the very real events that took place on Christmas Eve in 1914 between British and German troops on the battlefields of France; a miraculous occurance now known as The World War I Christmas Truce.

“Christmas In The Trenches” entered my life in the mid-1990’s thanks to the compilation CD titled: Must Be Santa! The Rounder Christmas Album. The song soon became – and still remains – a major component of my listening, playing and performing during the holiday season. As a friend of mine once shared with me, and I heartily agreed, “My Christmas begins when I hear that song.”

John McCutcheon first released “Christmas In The Trenches” on his 1984 Rounder Records’ album Winter Solstice

Here is that recording. Give a listen. It is worth every second of your time.

The musicians on that recording were:

  • John McCutcheon – Guitar & Vocals
  • Ralph Gordon – Bass
  • Lorraine Duisit – Mandolin
  • Freyda Epstein – Violin
  • Howard Levy – Harmonica

From all of us here at sixstr stories to all of you, best wishes for a healthy, peaceful and joyous holiday.

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