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Quotations Marked 9

I think that this is especially good advice. “When someone asks me what kind of guitar to buy, I say one that makes you want to pick it up. That you’ll leave lying across the bed, on a chair, within … Continue reading

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To The Museum, Once Again

This is my third post about the guitars on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. The first – A Trip To The Museum – went up on March 13, 2014. It features three very old guitars … Continue reading

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Another Trip To The Museum

In March of 2014, I published a post here on sixstr stories entitled “A Trip To The Museum.” In that post I wrote about three very old guitars (1628, 1680 & 1725) that were on display in the Musical Instruments … Continue reading

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Quotations Marked 5

“A guitar sounds good even if you drop it on the floor. A beginner can find music in the guitar that has escaped the virtuoso. It’s a magical instrument, constrained by a short range and a peculiar tuning, that produces … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Museum

In Boston, Massachusetts, at the Museum of Fine Arts, there is a gallery – #103 – devoted to musical instruments. (The gallery – it’s hanging sign and heavy glass door, both proclaiming: “Musical Instruments” – is located just inside the … Continue reading

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