A “This Historic Day In Music” Quiz

On April 4, in the year of 1915, McKinley Morganfield was born in Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

By what name did McKinley come to be known as when he grew up?

Hint: Little McKinley grew up to be one of the greatest Blues musicians of all time.

To answer, leave a comment!

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4 Responses to A “This Historic Day In Music” Quiz

  1. ads says:

    Muddy Waters…..of course!! (duh…)

  2. TPS says:

    Mr. Mannish Boy hizzself…. Muddy Waters….

  3. TPS says:

    Do you remember that Muddy celebrated his 60th birthday in Boston, at Paul’s Mall?

    Muddy Waters 60th Birthday party/Jam session at Paul's Mall in Boston April 1975. Left to right Peter Wolf, Al Perry, Muddy Waters, Magic Dick, Dick Wingate

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