“You’re The One”

I wrote “You’re The One” towards the end of 1982, with the finished lyrics dated 12/15/82 in my first, large-format, black-covered songwriting journal.

This love song (true then, true now) became track #2 of my cassette album Anytime, recorded and released in 1988. Besides my acoustic guitar and vocals, this “studio” recording features Anne Black on viola.

(For more on Anytime – the album and the song – see my post of April 1, 2012.)

Here’s the song! (Click on the blue link below to listen.)

“You’re The One” – words, music, guitar & vocals by Eric Sinclair

Several years later, I revisited and reworked “You’re The One,” transposing it from the key of A to the key of G and using a “Folk” fingerpicking guitar technique rather than the more “Rock” strumming patterns of the original.

In the spring of 1992, having put together a quartet for a concert at Phillips Exeter Academy, I finally treated “You’re The One” to the full Folk/Rock treatment.

“You’re The One (Live ’92)” – the Eric Sinclair Quartet

The other three members of the quartet were: Les Harris, Jr. on drums; Andy Inzenga on bass guitar and backup vocals; Laura Jackson on violin.

This previously-unreleased recording was made on Tuesday, May 23, 1992.

I hope you enjoyed both versions of the song!

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