“Song For Andrea”

It was the Winter and Spring of 1975.

We were both students at the University of New Hampshire. She was a junior Nutrition major, I was a senior Music Education major. She shared an off-campus apartment with another girl and I was living in a small, studio apartment in North Conway, NH, doing my student teaching in the Conway public school system.

We both worked for The Granite, the school yearbook. She was the secretary/receptionist in the yearbook’s office and I was a sort of freelance, photographer-at-large.

We met one day in February.

It was February vacation week in the Conway schools and I had come down to Durham to have my senior picture taken. The photographer had set up a “studio” in the room that served as the editor’s office. She was at the desk in the front room, checking people in for their appointments.

After my appointment, I hung out in the front room, chatting with the editor, a couple of the other photographers and, mostly, her. The buzz around the office that day was The Granite staff party that was planned for the coming weekend. It took a bit of nudging, but she finally agreed to go to the party with me.

A great time at the party was followed a few days later by a lunch date in Durham at The Tin Palace. Soon we went to our first movie – Young Frankenstein – and dinner in nearby Newington, at The Issac Dow House.

Throughout March, I frequently drove down to Durham to see her. In between those visits, when I was back up in North Conway, we spent many hours on the phone, talking, laughing and getting to know each other. After receiving my phone bill, we started writing and a series of long, detailed and heart-felt epistles were regularly delivered to each of our mailboxes during April and May.

Sometime in April of 1975, I wrote this song.

[Click on the blue link (wait for it!) to listen.]

“Song For Andrea” – Words, Music, Guitar & Vocals by Eric Sinclair

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4 Responses to “Song For Andrea”

  1. sinclakr says:

    awww, i love hearing this story – and the song. i assume mom saved all those letters somewhere? love you both.

  2. Norm Thibeault says:

    Hello Eric,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I found it while searching for references to the Isaac Dow House Restaurant. While at Reelization Recording Studio, I voiced and produced the radio ads in the early 1980’s for Isaac Dow House, Steak ‘n Stein and Hannon’s. I hope you are well and still palyin’ and singin’ !!
    Norm Thibeault

  3. Norm Thibeault says:

    …that would be ” playin’ and singin’ “

  4. TPS says:

    Somehow I missed this post. Great song and a wonderful story. I never knew how you two met. If in fact you told me, it had to be in that period of time I refer to as the “lost year”, 1975,of which I remember nearly nothing….

    Congratulations to the two of you for a loving relationship that has endured for nearly 40 years. Very proud of you both.
    See you soon….

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