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A little while back, I signed up for a free service from that sends me “My Alerts” emails with links to recent articles on Folk music, Jazz, Blues, Rock and all things guitar.

On February 7, 2013, I clicked on an article called: “What to Watch for at the Grammys” by James C. McKinley, Jr. At the very end of the article, Mr. McKinley listed the nominees in the “Americana” category as being: Mumford & Sons, Bonnie Raitt, The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers and “a little known fingerpicking song man named John Fullbright.”

That was all I needed to know.

John Fullbright was born on April 23, 1988 in Bearden, Oklahoma and grew up in nearby Okemah, OK. At one time he was a member of a band called “Turnpike Troubadours” and he released his first solo album – Live at the Blue Door – in 2009. The album that garnered him a Grammy nomination was released on Blue Dirt Records in May, 2012 and is titled: From The Ground Up.

The album (thank you Bull Moose Records!) is excellent and highly recommended. It contains 12 original songs with Mr. Fullbright singing and playing guitar, organ, piano and harmonica. A band accompanies him on six of the cuts.

The first video that popped up on YouTube was from September, 2010, and features John by himself playing guitar and singing his song “Satan and St. Paul.”

Check it out!

I share the sentiments of someone who commented on YouTube about that performance: “well….I wasn’t expecting that….”

Welcome to my list of favorites, John Fullbright.

Music this good won’t get old.

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