Sparklers: “Autumn Leaves” by Kenny Burrell

This is a new category here at sixstr stories.

It will feature recordings of outstanding performances by noteworthy guitarists – or outstanding guitarists giving noteworthy performances –  for your listening pleasure.

It was inspired by whatever god oversees the shuffle mode of my iPod classic during my morning walks.

Here’s the first of many.

“Autumn Leaves” by Kenny Burrell.



That recording is from Mr. Burrell’s 1991 album Sunup To Sundown on Contemporary Records.

Accompanying Mr. Burrell:

  • Cedar Walton, piano
  • Rufus Reid, bass
  • Lewis Nash, drums
  • Ray Mantilla, percussion

“Autumn Leaves” was written as “Les feullies mortes” in 1945 by Joseph Kosma with lyrics by Jacques Prévert. It was originally featured in the 1946 film. Les portes de la nuit. Lyricist Johnny Mercer wrote the English lyrics in 1951.

Kenneth Earl Burrell was born on July 31, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan. He recorded his first album as band leader for Blue Note Records in 1956.

Mr. Burrell’s instrument of choice throughout most of his career has been a Gibson Super 400CES hollow-body archtop electric guitar.

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2 Responses to Sparklers: “Autumn Leaves” by Kenny Burrell

  1. Kathryn Klem says:

    Very cool! Thank you for sharing. We can never have too much music in our lives 🎼

  2. I agree! And, as I always say: “Good music doesn’t get old.” Hope you enjoyed listening to Mr. Burrell’s take on “Autumn Leaves.”

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