Some Kind Of Smelling Salts: “Groovadelphia”

Some Kind Of Smelling Salts features songs from my personal playlist of musical stimulants and audio caffeine delivery systems; a distinct selection of creations and performances that I find to be deliciously intoxicating, undeniably invigorating and unapologetically addictive.

Listening not for the faint of heart.

The title comes from the second verse of the song “Recovery” by Frank Turner. (See the introductory post of …Smelling Salts published on February 17, 2019.)

Today’s dose is “Groovadelphia,” an instrumental by the trio Organissimo.

This may not be a hell-bent potboiler like the first two selections that I posted in this category, but it sure put a spring in my step and smile on my face when it shuffled up on my iPod during a recent morning walk.


See what I mean? (I hope you listened to the whole track!)

Organissimo is:

  • Jim Alfredson – Hammond XK System (XK3) Electric Organ
  • Joe Gloss – Electric Guitar
  • Randy Marsh – Drums

“Groovadelphia” is the title track from the band’s third album. It was recorded by Jim Alfredson in April 2008 and released later that year on Big O Records.

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3 Responses to Some Kind Of Smelling Salts: “Groovadelphia”

  1. Allisen Heath says:

    Awesome while cleaning too!!

  2. badfinger20 says:

    I played this while on my daily walk today…love the bass he played with the keyboard on this. I checked out a few of their songs on youtube…very talented trio

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