The Beginning

The first time I gave a guitar lesson was on Monday, October 13, 1975.

My student’s name was Catherine. She was 13 years old.

Catherine’s Mom was a classroom teacher at the elementary school where I was the brand new, guitar-toting music teacher. She stopped me in the hall one morning to ask, “Would you be interested in giving my daughter guitar lessons?”

That first lesson was held in the living room of Catherine’s home.

My fee was $3.00.

I taught at that elementary school for four years, giving after-school guitar lessons to a growing roster of students.

I became a guitar teacher full-time, working mostly with high school-age students, in the Fall of 1979.

And that is still what I do.

This past Summer, I ran into Catherine’s Mom at the ice-cream shop downtown.

I took the opportunity to thank her for launching my career.


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6 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Michael Mitchell says:

    How many guitar students do you think you have had over the years?

  2. Kathryn Klem says:

    Love your beginning story ā¤ļøšŸ¤—. Glad you shared it.

  3. ADS says:

    Who knew how important that day would become all these years later? And on the 13th no less!! The path taken sure has worked out well. Nice work šŸ™‚

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